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Nandi Hills

Distance from Ghati Subramanya to Nandi Hills is 37KM. There are many stories about the orgin of the name Nandi Hills. During the Chola period, Nandi Hills was called Ananda Giri meaning The Hill of Happiness. Another story is that Yoga Nandeeshwara performed penance here, and so it was named after him. A temple of Yoga Nandeeshwara is situated on top of the hill. Nandi is also commonly called Nandidurga (Fort) because of the fort build here by the ruler Tippu Sultan. It is also perhaps called Nandi Hills because the hill resembles a sleeping bull (Nandi).

Vidurashwatha Temple

Distance from Ghati Subramanya Temple to Vidurashwatha is 35KM. Vidurashwatha Temple, Gauribidanur near Bangalore is a famous temple dedicated to Nagendra Swamy, most specifically to Santhana Nagendra Swamy. Viurashwatha is s small village located in a the Gauribidanur taluk of Chikkaballapur district in the state of Karnataka, India. Situated near the Karnataka-Andra pradesh border and about 6km from Guaribidanur.
Vidurashwatha is derived from that of a big Ashwatha (Ficus religiosa) tree(Banyana tree) located in this village. According to a legend of the times of Mahabharatha, this tree was planted by Vidura, a courtier in the kingdom of Dhritarashtra; and hence the name Vidhurashwatha.

Yoga Bhoga Nandishwara Temple

Distance from Ghati Subramanye Temple to Yoga Bhoga Nandishwara is 27.5KM. Bhoga Nandishwara is a hindu temple located in Nandi village, at the base of Nandi Hills(or Nandidurga), in the Chikkaballapura district of Karnataka state, India. It is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.
The temple complex has two large shrines: the “Arunachaleswara” shrine to the south built by the Gangas of Talakad, and the “Bhoga Nandeeshwara” shrine to the north built by the Cholas. It has the sculpture of a king considered to be that of Rajendra Chola. In between there is a small intervening shrine called with “Uma-Maheshwara” shrine with a kalyana mantapa (“marriage alter”) supported by ornate pillars in black stone with reliefs depicting of the Hindu gods Shiva and his consort Parvati, Brahma (the creator) and Saraswathi, Vishnu (the preserver) and his consort Lakshmi, the god of fire Agni and his consort Swaha Devi, and decorative creepers and birds in bas-relief. This is typical to Hoysala architecture.


Distance from Ghati Subramanye Temple to Shivagange is 54.4KM.
Shivagange is a small hillock located near Dabaspet in the Tumkur district of Karnataka in India. The name ‘Shivagange’ is a combination of two words – Shiva and Gange. The hillock looks like a Shivalingam when seen from one of the sides. There is a temple of Lord Shiva situated at the summit of the hill. There is also a spring nearby that is locally called Gange. The water from this spring is believed to be sacred. Due to all these factors the place has been named as Shivagange.

Bayalu Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Distance from Ghati Subramanye Temple to Bayalu Anjaneya Swamy Temple is 137.5KM
The word ‘Bayalu’ in kannada means ‘open’. Sri Bayalu Anjaneya Swamy Temple is located in Gottigere, Bangalore with a spacious surrounding area of about 10,000sqft. So this temple is known as ‘Bayalu Anjaneya temple.’ This deity is installed by Sri Vyasarajaru. Here the idol is south facing ,5ft tall and very attractive, holding ‘Saugandhika’ flower with one hand. This deity is also known as ‘Dakshinamukha Anjaneya swamy’. There is a swayabhuvu (naturally formed) snake dwelling in the surrounding area of ‘Sri Bayalu Anjaneya temple’. Many devotees worship the ‘Nagadevata’ during the festival days of Nagachavithi and Nagapanchami.

Devarayana Durga Temple

Distance from Ghati Subramanye Temple to Devarayana Durga Temple is 66.6KM
Devarayanadurga is a place in Tumkur district which is famous for its temples dedicated to Lord Narasimha. The place is a favorite with both pilgrims as well as mountain climbers. The hills with lush green trees on all sides make the climbing a lot enjoyable.On the hilltop are perched two popular Devarayanadurga Temples, the Yoganarasimha and the Bhoganarasimha Temples. These temples are visited by pilgrims all through the year. The Bhoganarasimha is at the base of the hill while the Yoga Narasimha is perched at the top of the hill.

Madhure Shani Mahathma Temple

Distance from Ghati Subramanya Temple to Madhure Shani Mahathma Temple is 98.7KM. Sri Shani Mahatma Temple, Kanasawadi is located at a distance of 14 Km from Nelamangala on Nelamangala – Doddaballapur Road in Doddaballapur taluk. This place is also called as Chikka Madhure.
The temple is equally important and sacred like Shaneshwara Temple at Pavagada in Tumkur district. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shani Mahatma (Saturn), the second largest planet.It is believed that one can get rid of or lessen the negative effects of Sade sathi or Ashtama Shani or Panchama Shani on worshipping or by offering special poojas to Sri Shaneshwara Temple at Chikka Madhure.

Kaivara Narayana Swamy Temple

Distance from Ghati Subramanya Temple to Kaivara Narayana Swamy Temple is 49km. Kaivara is a small town in the Chickballapur district, situated in Chintamani taluk, about 75kms from Bangalore. Despite being a small town, Kaivara has religious importance and is historically attached to the epic Mahabharata. The town was known as Ekachakrapura in Dwaparayuga. The Pandavas of India’s greatest epic Mahabharata are believed to have lived here during their Vanavasa. Bheema, the brother of Dharmaraja, has established a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva (Bheemalingeswara temple). In the olden times, it was called a “native state”(daesheeya Samsthana). It is believed to have attracted the attention of the several dynasties such as the Gangas, Bana and Nolamba. The town is famous for the bilingual poet and Saint Narayanappa, popularly known as Kaivara Thatayya in Kannada and Telugu.

Muddenahalli Sri Saibaba Ashrama

Distance from Ghati Subramanya Temple to Muddenahalli Sri saibaba Temple is 27.5km.
Sathya Sai Grama is a sprawling campus of over a hundred acres filled with thousands of trees and plants, dotted with majestic buildings. The centre has the proud privilege of receiving Swami on its hallowed grounds 27 times in the last three decades. When He stepped on this land for the first time on 14th August 1978, Swami looked around admiringly and said, “This is a Tapobhumi – a land of penance!”
Anyone who visits the campus experiences the powerful spiritual vibrations pervading the place. Prema Deepa – the light of love – was the name given by Bhagavan to the Mandir here; it is an exquisite piece of Indian temple architecture situated almost on the highest spot in the campus. It was inaugurated by Bhagavan on 15th August 1994. Encircled by an ornamental garden, it has now become a place of pilgrimage for devotees.

Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi Temple

Distance from Ghati Subramanya Temple to Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi Temple is 43.8KM.
Goravanahalli, a small village in the Tumkur district of Karnataka, is home to a famous temple of Goddess Lakshmi, popularly known as the Goravanahalli Lakshmi temple. It is said that Abbayya, a poor mas was blessed to get the idol of Mahalakshmi. After worshipping Mahalakshmi at his home, Abbayya became rich. He started doing charity work and his home earned the tag “Lakshmi Nivasa”. Later Abbayya’s brother Totadappa joined Abbayya in his charity work. After the death of Abbayya, Totadappa performing poojas to the goddess. One day in his dreams , Maha;akshmi asked him to build a shrine for her. So Totadappa built a shrine for Mahalakshmi. After Totadappa, Chowdayya was performing poojas


Distance from Ghati Subramanya Temple to Rangasthala is 28.1km.
Rangasthala is situated near Chikkaballapura at a distance of around 59 kms from Bangalore. Rangasthala is situated on the way to Gauribidanur from Chikkaballapur (6 km). The main attraction of Rangasthala is a beautiful temple of Lord Ranganatha Swamy (lord Visnu). This is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore. Rangasthala is a wonderful example of art, the architecture will take you to the time gone by and the ruins of the place include the beauty of the place. A lot of the old architectures are overlapped with the new construction. But, the temple still wonderfully protects Sri Ranganatha Swamy of Ranganatha. The place is great for day trips.


Distance from Shri Ghati Subramanya Temple to Nrityagrama is 36km.
Nrityagram, with its wonderful ambience and ethnic look, is definitely worth a visit. The unique dance village is located near Hesarghatta in Bangalore Rural district. It lies at a distance of only 35 kilometers away from Bangalore and is easily accessible. The village was conceptualized by the well known Odissi dancer Protima Bedi. Her idea was to develop a village devoted to teaching dance in the age old gurukul tradition. Nrityagram’s dance ensembles are indeed popular, but the beauty of the village and the use of nature and natural materials in its construction have made a visit to Nrityagram a memorable experience.

The village was designed by the well known architect Gerard Da Cunha. The open spaces, greenery and the mud buildings give Nrityagram a rural look. One of the best times to visit Nrityagram would be during the Vasanthahabba festival held to celebrate the arrival of spring. Artists from all over the world perform at the Nrityagram amphitheater during this festival. A visit to Nrityagram would also give you the chance to explore the Hessarghatta Reservoir. It lies five kilometers away from the dance village. The man-made lake occupies an area of 1124 acres and was built in the year 1894.

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